Coimbra, 2020
The night is a coward
Passed its fingers through my sky
Stole the light that once was there
The moon follows me through the night
I forgot my dreams under my bed
the same places where monsters hide 

Silly me to think
I am capable enough for this ride
Words still won’t come to me
Even as the sun shines bright

Why bother trying?
I’ve wasted enough energy
With all the tears I’ve cried

What I desire
may have been behind one 
of the many doors I have walked by
But I always hear a voice telling me
I will never get to the other side 

I sometimes wonder if I would get there
If only for a second
fear would disappear from my sight
take its hands out of me
And at least let me try

[Luísa Tibana, Coimbra, Spring 2021]


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